Rights, Freedoms & How to Enforce Them

“I'm not saying I have the silver bullet, but rather I want to make your mind the silver gun so you start defending your rights at will.”
- Mr Richard

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The Problem

Uncover The Secrets To Freedom

Learn the secrets to freedom that the elites don't want you to know. They want you helpless, trapped in a web of obedience, believing there's no hope, no way out. They want you to feel like whatever you're told to do, you must do.

But I'm here to reveal a shocking truth: they only derive their authority from YOU You give them that power voluntarily, and it's time to take it back.

Even in their laws, they know that a man is worthy of his labor, and that slavery is abolished. They can pass as many new, crazy laws as possible, but nowhere does it say you MUST do them for free.

Uncover the secrets to freedom that the elites don't want you to know. It's time to take back control, to stand up for your rights, and to demand the freedom you deserve.

The Reality

Lawfare is coming to all of us. They're passing hate speech laws everywhere, and this will affect your freedom of speech, the most basic fundamental human right.

The system is designed to oppress. There is no cutting the head of the snake off; it's not a question of anyone coming to save you.

Why Is This Applicable To Me?

“Hate speech” laws are coming for you.

You don’t even know what is classed
as hate speech anymore.

8 years ago it was okay to ask “what is a women?”, to give your honest opinion on a controversial topic or even to talk sh*t and laugh with your friends in a Call Of Duty lobby.

Nowadays this can all be classed as hate speech and land you in serious legal trouble or in jail. Yes, it is very dystopian and slowly in the next 10 years it’s just going to get worse.

What if you advocate for having a nuclear family on the internet in the future? Some people may find that offensive and it will eventually end up being classed as hate speech.

This Is Your Warning

Defend Your Rights

The days of being a law-abiding citizen and just quietly trying to get on with life are OVER.

Do you not understand they will never stop, they will never go away, they will incrementally take more and more and more of your rights away.

For too long, we've been too tolerant.

We've let them take inch by inch, right by right, until we're at a stage where they're now trying to control your speech.

Controlling speech controls the way you think; your thoughts won't be your own if your speech is controlled. That's the whole point.

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The Founder

“You need to defend your God given rights on an individual basis.”
Mr Richard

“The greatest psyop that predates all of the other psyops was when they made you do things for FREE. Who is another man, born from God, the same as you, equal to you, not above you, to take away the only sacred real resource you have on this earth, given to you by GOD - YOUR TIME?”

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Age 23: Made my first 6 figures
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Additionally, you will learn how to invoice for your time, and if you so choose, use court proceedings and debt collection agencies to collect a debt that is owed.


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Remove the status that the elites  has implied upon you, effectively assuming that you are voluntarily working for them.

Contract with the elites and set your fee schedule, should they require you to work for them. You will get paid for doing the work while maintaining your rights

Notifying The Elites

You will learn the correct step-by-step process of notifying the elites

Hold The Elites Accountable

They fall within the bounds of certain enshrined documents, such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which is written into UK law as the Human Rights Act.

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Your Final Chance

The key is individually; other people won't defend your freedom of speech, your right to privacy, your right to assembly.

YOU have to take action.


YOU have to protect your rights.


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Got questions?

Frequent Questions

Here’s some questions we get asked constantly.

How long does it take to get started with elites contracting?

As you will learn, voluntary servitude is widely accepted, whereas involuntary servitude is abolished in all forms. Once you have removed this status, you will be able to hold the government accountable, as they will then fall within the bounds of certain enshrined documents, such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which is written into UK law as the Human Rights Act.

Why Relentless Rights over business models?

I'm not saying we have all the answers to this world and the control measures they implement, as it's a constant moving target and you and your lifestyle are unique to you, so each person and their needs are very nuanced. But what we ARE saying is that by getting the course, you add a feather to your cap, an arrow to your quiver, and empower yourself into realizing they invariably work for us. The only way we take our power back as a group is to individually defend our Godgiven rights

I have other specific questions

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